Let’s Get In Shape!

Fitness Kickboxing

Ok Moultrie –

Who’s ready for some morning Fitness Kickboxing?!

Starting Dec 28th, on Tuesday and Thursday from 830-930 AM, we will be putting on our very challenging Fitness Kickboxing class.

This is absolutely not a class like you’d run into at a gym. This is THE bag work portion of a Fighter’s Class. This as close as you can get to learning combative Kickboxing without getting hit. All you need is a set of gloves.

We already have a group of folks ready to get started, and space is limited, so if you want to do some real conditioning work, I wouldn’t wait on getting signed up!

If you start early, you get in on the lower intensity classes where things are slower and I do some explaining. A few weeks from now…might be a different story. (I’ll obviously still help you, but the pace will be much quicker.)

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